What is the purpose of the site?

The site provides self-service tools for holders of GMIDs to manage the associated password. This includes changing the password, resetting the password if it is forgotten or has expired, and changing the password reset validation questions. This is the central place for users to manage their GMID password.

This site does NOT provide a way for users to create their own GMID. See the section labeled “How do I get a GMID?” for details on getting a GMID.

What is a GMID?

A GMID is a string of characters that is used to log on to GM computer systems. Over time, the number of computer systems that use it will steadily increase.

  • GMID is use for computer logon ID
  • GMIN is used for identity

What is a GMIN?

GMIN is a shareable 9-digit unique GM Identification Number. GMIN is used to identify a specific person within GM services, computer systems, business processes and forms.

Key Points on GMIN:

  • GMIN is like your name within General Motors and intended to identify only you
  • GMIN is not derived from the individual’s Government Identifier (e.g. SSN in the United States)

Additional information on GMIN can be found at (available only on the internal GM network).

Why can't I use my GMID to access all of my GM computer systems?

Requiring all GM computer systems to immediately use the GMID would be cost prohibitive. Newly developed systems are required to use the GMID and password.

Do I need a GMID?

Each person who is using GM computer systems will receive and need to activate their GMID.

How do I get a GMID?

The process to get a GMID depends on your employment status within GM:


GM Employees


Human Resources are responsible for triggering the GMID assignment during the new hire process. Your HR representative, supervisor, or manager will provide you with your GMIN and direct you to the website to activate your GMID. Generally your GMID is ready for activation 24 hours after Human Resources completes the new hire on-boarding process.

The Plant Employment Office is responsible for triggering the GMID assignment during the new hire process. The Plant Employment Office will provide you with your GMIN and direct you to the website to activate your GMID.

Joint Ventures
All JV personnel must obtain GMIDs by registering with Covisint Exchange ( and requesting access to GM AlliancePower portal. For a new user to register with the Covisint Exchange their company must be registered and approved to access the GM AlliancePower portal. The Joint Venture Company Security Administrator (CSA) will approve the user registration request and assist you with the creation of the GMIN/GMID.

Non-GM Personnel

All Supplier personnel [Product Part, Engineering Services, and Global Service Contracts (GSC)] must obtain GMIDs by registering with SupplyPower ( If access to internal GM systems is needed, the supplier's Security Coordinator for SupplyPower can assist with having that ID replicated to the internal systems.

Contract Workers (Non-US), Bundled Service Workers, Students, etc.
The GM Manager is responsible for triggering the GMID assignment through the GM Person Maintenance sponsorship process and will provide you with instructions when your GMID is available. Your GMID is immediately available for activation once the GM Manager completes the GM Person Maintenance sponsorship process. To activate your GMID, go to the website once your GM Manager has provided you your GMIN.

Allegis Fee-for-Service Contractors (US)
A U.S. Fee for Service contract worker will automatically have a GMID assigned, once the manager selects the contract worker in the Allegis Beeline System. The contract worker’s information is fed from the Allegis Beeline System directly to GM systems, which creates the GMIN and GMID.

What if I can't remember my GMID?

The only time that you are presented with your GMID is during the First Time User process found in this site. To go through this process, click on “Activate your GMID” button under the First Time User heading. If you have completed this set up process and have forgotten your GMID, please contact your supervisor or the GM Service Desk.

Can I pick my own GMID?

No. The GMID is string of characters that is automatically assigned to the user as part of the GMID assignment process.

Is the GMID password the same as my PIN?

No. The PIN is combined with the GMID and password to provide an additional layer of protection as it is used to access personal information (e.g., paycheck, benefits, etc. via Socrates). Please note the PIN is applicable only to GM employees.

Still having issues?

If you experience any issues with GMID, please contact the GM Service Desk.


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