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2. Desktop, Laptop and Other Computing Equipment

The following AUPs apply specifically to users of:

  • Desktop computers, laptop computers, and other computing equipment, and software, network components, telematic technology (e.g., Global Positioning System (GPS), cellular and/or wireless services) and infrastructure used to create, store, retrieve, distribute and print electronic and non-electronic GM Records;

  • Employee-owned or contractor-supplied computing resources and devices when used to access GM Information Resources;

  • Electronic GM Records created using desktop applications such as Microsoft Office applications, engineering applications, and others that reside on a user’s desktop, laptop, smart devices, fixed or portable media storage; and

  • Non-electronic GM Records, such as paper, microfilm, microfiche and other types of media located within a user's physical workspace (such as desk drawers and file cabinets), or in other facilities where GM Records are stored:

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